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Protection For Your Move

We take the utmost care into every item we move and we know how delicate and special your belongings are to you. But let's face it, about the only time furniture has the risk of being damaged is when it's being move. We take every precaution neccessary to prevent this from happening, but if it does, by default, you are protected.


Our protection options:


1 - Basic Coverage - Included in our rates - $0.60/lb./article


2 - Valued Inventory Protection - Options available to insure individual pieces of inventory. 

Relocation Insurance is a 3rd party provider that will protect your move. Please visit their site at for more information.


3 - Full Value Protection - Also offered by Relocation Insurance. Please visit their site at for more information.


CPUC's definitions of options:


Basic Coverage at 60 cents per pound per article ensures recovery at 60 cents multiplied by the weight of the item or the carton it’s packed in.  Thus, if an item weighing 20 pounds is lost or damaged, you can recover $12.00 for that item (60 cents x 20 pounds).  This is very minimal protection and your goods are probably worth considerably more.  This protection is included in our rates


Actual Cash Value protection ensures recovery at the actual cash value (i.e., fair market value) of your lost or damaged item(s), up to the total value you declare.  The carrier may charge for actual cash value protection, and will state the rate on the Agreement.


Be sure to look into your home owner's insurance policy also, as it may cover your move. 

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